This site is homebase for the NZ van Rij family, specifically my own immediate family but I am open to contributions from other family members with news.
It is formostly set up to make it easier to update news and photos for those people interested in hearing what we are up to. We seem to make a habit of moving around the world a lot and this is a good repository of photos and news from both travel and daily life wherever we are.
Feel free to create a New Account and contribute to the site if you have comments or something to share.I have moved to this site primarily because of the abbility to manage my own large photo collection.  Last time I checked there was about 8Gig of photos in my Gallery2 webiste and having a Database back end makes it much easier for me (and you) to photos. You can go directly to the Gallery2 home page or click on the WPG2 link at the top of the page.Our family is currently located in Irvine, California where I continue to work for KBC Financial Products. My personal background can be found here.

As with most people connected tot he world, there are a variety of different places to pick up information on what is going on.  Here is the current list:



Thanks Craig




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