Penny Tells a Story

Penny Had drawn a picture of a Dragon earlier and she took it to bed and then told me the story about the picture.  She loves to read books to herself now making up the words and story.

Happy 2nd Birthday Penny

The playhouse, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Penny’s second birthday today reminded us that we have been back in New Zealand for just over a year now and everybody is growing up quick.

Penny got a new playhouse for the garden to enjoy with the Clemency and Hadley. She loves it and is already setting up house.

Veronica […]

Penelope 1st Birthday

Penelope 1st Birthday, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Penelope turned 1 today – how time flies. Hadley and Clemency went shopping with their Aunty Rachael and the photo shows them giving Penelope their choices

We had a great little party at my parents place in Dunedin with the family and our Dunedin family friends Matt, Sarah, […]

Penelope Pitstop 1st steps

Caught Penelope on Video making her first steps while down at Grandma’s in Dunedin.

Penelope @ 8 – 10 Months

Big catch up as we are already back in NZ and it will be Penelope’s first birthday soon but here is another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. The finish of summer, starting to crawl and stand, back to school and then finally packing up in Irvine for our […]