Nomads Bears

Nomads Bears, a set on Flickr.

Second last game of the season with the Nomads Bear

Hadley’s soccer team – the Whales

Hadley’s soccer team photo

Player of the Day

Player of the Day, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Anita, Gill, Pippa and Ben turned up at to cheer on the kids at Soccer the other week. With all the extra support both Clemency and Hadley picked up player of the day performances, with Clemency scoring two goals.

Kids back into Soccer


AFter a break from the soccer Clemency played in Irvine it was back to soccer here in Christchurch. Hadley has started now and plays on a junior team with Luke and Anna. He had a great start with a goal in his first match and was awarded the player of the week.

Clemency is playing […]