Jo and Jem’s Third Arrival – Lucy

No3-WynHarris-9, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

FINAL UPDATE: Official name on the birth certificate is Lucy Madeline Wyn-Harris.

It is with pleasure that we can announce the arrival of Joanna and Jeremy’s third child, a baby girl born on Monday morning, the 14th of December, weighing in at 6lb and 7oz.

Everything went smoothly with the scheduled cesarean and both […]

Penelope @ 8 – 10 Months

Big catch up as we are already back in NZ and it will be Penelope’s first birthday soon but here is another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. The finish of summer, starting to crawl and stand, back to school and then finally packing up in Irvine for our […]

Penelope @ 7 Months

UPDATE: Fixed the link above for you.
Still on catch up with another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. A lot of fun this month with Jo and Jem visiting so backgrounds at Disneyland, the pool, the beach and at home. Enjoy.

Penelope @ 4 months

Penelope @ 4 months-1, originally uploaded by cvr_nz.

Penelope has passed the 4 month milestone. Hitting 19.4lbs and at the 99 percentile for weight and height, she is doing great.

She is reaching out for her toys now and, as you can see, almost able to sit up unassisted. Not quite talking yet though.Clemency and Hadley are […]

She who is not yet named

UPDATE (20th November 2008) – Added Photos of the rest of the family and Anita to the gallery.  Veronica continues to improve and is enjoying the break in Hospital to recover.  Clemency is smitten with her sister and Hadley doesn’t know quite what to think, although he did scream around preschool on Wednesday […]