Elmwood Y3 Swimming


Got back into the swimming photography with advent of Clemency’s Y3 Swimming Carnival. Here is a selection of shots from the fun and games (not quite the same high standard as the Irvine Swim League) with the 7 year olds in Clemency’s year.

Clemency did pretty well coming in 3rd in her two races, the […]

Turtle Rock Rockets Season


It has been another great season of summer swimming with the Turtle Rock Rockets and the Irvine Swim League. Clemency and Hadley participated for the second year with the local swim team, enjoying the spectacle that is Irvine swimming.

This year Hadley was still too young to compete in the full swim team but continued as […]

Hadley doing his swimming thing

Gooooo Rockets!

The family have been involved with one of the local swimming teams over the summer here in Irvine. Swimming is a big thing here and it is easy to understand how they develop the talent for the US Olympic teams here.

Well Clemency started off swimming this year and has done really well to […]