First Day Skiing

skiing-2.jpg, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Jem, and I took the older kids up to Porter Heights for some fun on the snow. It was Clemency and Hadley’s first time on skis so it was good to see them enjoy it and take to it well.

Clemency has skated a bit previously so was off […]

Jo and Jem back home

Legoland fun, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

I drove Joanna, Jem, Luke and Anna back to the LAX airport yesterday evening for their flight back to NZ.

We have had a great month with them staying, fitting in lots of So Cal fun in the sun. They wil be back home now and we hope they […]

Anna’s Birthday Cake

Anna’s Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

It has been Anna’s third birthday here while they have been visiting us in Irvine. Here is her Birthday cake celebration in all its joy with her big cousins.

Luke and Anna visiting Irvine from NZ

It is great to have Luke and Anna (plus Jo and Jem) over from New Zealand for a summer holiday spectacular. They arrived in LA on the plane on June 22nd and will be with us until the 16th of July.

We have lots of activities lined up but it is just […]