Mark, Carrie, and a Trip to Grand Canyon


Mark and Carrie stopped by in Irvine to visit on their way back from the UK. They spent a long weekend here in Irvine before heading off to Salt Lake City to go Snow Boarding. When Carrie had to head back early to New Zealand, Mark came with us on a road trip to the […]

Time in Canada has come to an end

This will be our last entry from Canada as we fly out a week from Monday to England. We have had a really great time here and will be very sad to leave. We will be very glad to start making some money though as we are now very broke. Hopefully we will both be […]

Carrie has Deja vu – Updated

Mark & Carrie in TorontoUpdate – I have uploaded some X-ray digital images for those that are medically minded.

Last night Carrie rebroke her arm in a rollerblading fall. It is 10 weeks to the day since the snowboarding incident and she has been out of cast for just over two weeks. It […]