Daniel Patrick Ryan 20 July 2009

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It was a week ago that Julie gave birth to her first child, a little boy of 8.6lbs. Here are some photos and the announcement from Jono on ths happy occasion:

Greetings family!

Once again, I’m writing in the early hours of the morning, the caffeine and adrenaline long worn off. However, […]

Jule, Jono and then the New Year


Happy New Year everybody!

We had a busy Christmas time and then a nice quiet New Years here in Irvine. Julie and Jono stopped through for three nights on their way to the UK for their course which was great. We had a really good time and some of the most perfect Winter weather […]

Julie and Jono's Wedding


Julie and Jono had their wedding on Friday the 15th December. It was a great event with a good turnout of van Rij and Broadbent family from all over, including Tante Lucie over from Holland.

I have set up a number of albums for the different events that occurred over the weekend which are linked […]

Julie and Jono are here!

Julie and Jono have arrived from Manila for a visit to see the Kids. Clemency was especially excited when Julie asked her to be Flower Girl — yeah. We are going to have a great couple of days cruising the sites of Hong Kong.