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Daniel Patrick Ryan 20 July 2009

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It was a week ago that Julie gave birth to her first child, a little boy of 8.6lbs. Here are some photos and the announcement from Jono on ths happy occasion:

Greetings family!

Once again, I’m writing in the early hours of the morning, the caffeine and adrenaline long worn off. However, I know that many of you are eager for photos and information about our new arrival, so I thought I’d better oblige.

Firstly, on the matter of names. Today, Julie and I named our new son Daniel Patrick Ryan. Daniel, inspired by the Hebrew prophet, and Patrick, after his great grandfather, Patrick Ryan (currently residing in Napier); in both cases, names that remind us of men known for their wisdom, insight, and boldness.

I’m pleased to report that, despite a lengthy and somewhat traumatic labour, both Julie and Daniel are in good health and good spirits. Due to Daniel’s posterior presentation during labour, he emerged with the top of his head noticeably misshapen. This seemed to sort itself out overnight, but he still bears significant bruising around this area, which should subside over the coming week.

Julie is barely recognisable from the labouring woman who entered hospital on July 20—note her smile in the photos attached! She has been immediately captivated with this gorgeous young man, and has launched herself into her mothering role with characteristic grace and determination.

I’ve attached a few pictures from our first day with Daniel. More to follow in due course!

Finally, thank you from the three of us for your words of support and prayer over the last two days. They were very much appreciated, and we continue to be deeply grateful for you all as we venture into this new season.

With love,

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