First Day Skiing

skiing-2.jpg, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Jem, and I took the older kids up to Porter Heights for some fun on the snow. It was Clemency and Hadley’s first time on skis so it was good to see them enjoy it and take to it well.

Clemency has skated a bit previously so was off […]

Clark Benjamin Slater – 29th July 2009

So as to not out do the van Rij side of the family it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the arrival (if not a little earlier that expected) of Clark Benjamin Slater on Monday the 29th July, coming in 3 weeks early but at the substantial size of 8lb.

Matt and […]

Daniel Patrick Ryan 20 July 2009

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It was a week ago that Julie gave birth to her first child, a little boy of 8.6lbs. Here are some photos and the announcement from Jono on ths happy occasion:

Greetings family!

Once again, I’m writing in the early hours of the morning, the caffeine and adrenaline long worn off. However, […]

Photo Album Catch Up

Going through my photos I see there are a bunch of albums that I needed to get up on the web site. So I have put several new albums up, just need to click on the thumbnail photos. Have photos back from our trip to Guilin and Hadley's Birthday.

Guilin, China


Going back to October […]

Cuggle Dadda

Here is a cute Video that Mark took of Hadley at the playground in Wanaka recently.