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Clark Benjamin Slater – 29th July 2009

So as to not out do the van Rij side of the family it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the arrival (if not a little earlier that expected) of Clark Benjamin Slater on Monday the 29th July, coming in 3 weeks early but at the substantial size of 8lb. Matt […]

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Matt And Nicky visit the OC

38362 Matt and Nicky Slater came out from New York for a long weekend visit with us here in the OC. We had a great time catching up as we haven’t seen them for ages. Some of the highlights of the visit were: Checking out the new Orange balloon ride at the old El Toro […]

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Matt, Nicky and Geoff on the West Coast

36577|100px Here are some photos of our trip to the West Coast of the US and time in NYC with Geoff. Our trip took in San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and a few places in between. 36320|100px We biked across the Golden Gate Bridge (in the fog) to a really cute town, Salusalito, where we […]

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