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Matt, Nicky and Geoff on the West Coast


Here are some photos of our trip to the West Coast of the US and time in NYC with Geoff. Our trip took in San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and a few places in between.


We biked across the Golden Gate Bridge (in the fog) to a really cute town, Salusalito, where we ate lots of hamburgers (a theme of our trip) and toured the shops.


After San Fran we drove north just to visit the Jelly Belly factory. We went on a tour with lots of little kids (and their parents) and got free jelly beans before eating jelly bean shaped hamburgers in the Jelly Belly cafe!


The Pacific Coast Highway took us to LA. It was a pretty drive, although a long way.

Met up with Craig in LA and toured the coast south of LA which was again very pretty! Ate hamburgers there too.


Our trip ended with a drive into the desert to Baker (a small desert town that basically just sold food to people driving to Las Veags from LA) and then Las Vegas. LV is a crazy place and great to look around but I wouldn't want to stay there too long. Everything is so fake! Geoff then had to endure a Greyhound bus ride back to LA and then fly for an incredible number of hours to NZ while we did a red eye to NYC!

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