Annie CTV Interview

Here is an Interview that Clemency, Molly and Lily did for CTV just after the finish of the Auckland season of Annie.  They are the three girls from Christchurch who were in the Wellington and Auckland productions.

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Christchurch Mail - Annie Article

Young dancer stars in Annie
Christchurch Mail
26 Jun 2014

NOBODY WAS expecting Clemency van Rij to become a stage star, but after cutting her teeth on the Annie musical, there is no looking back. The Cobham Intermediate student’s mum Veronica van Rij said she was unsure whether Clemency, 12, was up to the…read more…

Clemency gets role as Orphan in Annie

Clemency Annie

Clemency van Rij, a student of Canterbury Ballet, has won her self an opportunity of a lifetime !! After an intense audition process Clemency was selected as one of the orphans in the Broadway Musical “Annie” which will be staged by an International Company and cast of principals in Wellington and Auckland. Rehearsals are well underway with opening night on the 23rd of May.

Clemency is one of 40 girls chosen from over 600 from throughout New Zealand; half of which will make up the two casts in Wellington and two in Auckland. The show was also hoping to come to Christchurch but due to the lack of available theatres it was unable to, hence why we made the trip to audition in Wellington and give Clemency some insight into the world of dance.

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The first audition was a gruelling dance routine which had to be picked up perfectly after four practices of increasing speed and was then performed to a panel of international judges. Most students had a strong background in jazz but the discipline of ballet and Taisia’s training allowed Clemency to slip seamlessly into this style of dance even much to her own surprise.

The demanding final audition involved being taught more dances with longer and more challenging routines as well as singing and acting sometimes at the same time all the while maintaining an american accent.

We, along with Clemency, are just so grateful to Taisia and Lily at Canterbury Ballet that she had the right training to provide her with the transferable skills to have an opportunity like this that she will gain so much from and never forget.

Veronica and Craig van Rij

Clemency Plays at Graduation

Clemency-Violin-Adagio, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Clemency graduated from Primary school this past week and was asked to play a violin solo during the ceremony.

She has done very well this year and capped it off by being awarded the Music Excellence top award for her school.

Nomads Bears

Nomads Bears, a set on Flickr.

Second last game of the season with the Nomads Bear