Clemency Plays at Graduation

Clemency-Violin-Adagio, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Clemency graduated from Primary school this past week and was asked to play a violin solo during the ceremony.

She has done very well this year and capped it off by being awarded the Music Excellence top award for her school.

Elmwood Y3 Swimming


Got back into the swimming photography with advent of Clemency’s Y3 Swimming Carnival. Here is a selection of shots from the fun and games (not quite the same high standard as the Irvine Swim League) with the 7 year olds in Clemency’s year.

Clemency did pretty well coming in 3rd in her two races, the […]

Hadley started school today

Link here if Flash is not working

First day back at school for the kids and another milestone as Hadley heads off for the first time to school.

He is starting year 1 at Elmwood with Clemency and cousin Luke. ┬áHe is in room 5 and his cousin is in the room right […]

Clemency Back to School

Clemency Back to School-4, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Clemency started back at school today in Christchurch. She is going to Elmwood School in Merivale where her cousin Luke also goes. She has a new uniform, which is “disgusting” according to Clemency, and she was a little apprehensive about a new class full of kids […]