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Hadley started school today

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First day back at school for the kids and another milestone as Hadley heads off for the first time to school.

He is starting year 1 at Elmwood with Clemency and cousin Luke.  He is in room 5 and his cousin is in the room right next door which is cool.  The class is very small at the moment with only around 12 kids but because you start when you turn 5 in New Zealand, the class will slowly fill out as the year goes on.

It is only a 10-15minute walk to school and now that Clemency and Hadley are going together it will be an easy walk or ride on the scooter. As per usual Hadley has been dying to get stuck in at school and other than a few moments last night giving mum a hug and saying that he never wants to leave her, he was off and into it right away.  After a couple of visits to the school last year he knew who his teacher was and which room he would be in so he was keen to catch up with Luke and Clemency – the big kids.

As well as the video there are some more photos in the photo gallery here so take a look.

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