Clemency’s Poem

As we get ready for a new school year here in New Zealand I came across this poem that Clemency wrote last year at school and thought I would share it.

Magic Box

I will put in my box
a single sparkling scale from a silvery swimming fish
a sad sketch of a scared son
a monkey from the Himalayas wearing high-heels
I will put in my box
some sunset stained clouds
a spare raindrop from a tigers eye
a tin of sun-beams from the mountains
I will put in my box
a single flower that is a river crammed full of bursting colour
the warm bright limey sun reflecting the green grass below
buildings standing as giants, tall and proud in the city
I will put in my box
the day when the cow jumped over the moon
a gold fish on a cloud
a giant in a fish tank
I will put in my box
a fluffy cream bun gone to sleep
a fresh chuckling orange daintily plucked from a fruit tree
some yummy sweets from Willy Wonka’s factory coated with his smile
I will put in my box
the smell of roses as it drifts through my bedroom window
the moon reflecting a crystal like a mirror when it whispers goodnight
the lumpiness of freshly made muffins
My box is made of
gold and
sparkling crystals
I keep my box
in the basement
behind a secret door
where no one will find it


Written all by Clemency van Rij

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