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She who is not yet named


UPDATE (20th November 2008) – Added Photos of the rest of the family and Anita to the gallery.  Veronica continues to improve and is enjoying the break in Hospital to recover.  Clemency is smitten with her sister and Hadley doesn’t know quite what to think, although he did scream around preschool on Wednesday telling everyone about his new Baby sister.  Grandma (Anita) has been doing a great job of keeping Clemency and Hadley occupied with their activities and this has allowed me to even spend the nights at the hospital. Hopefully a name tomorrow 😉

BIRTH (18 November 2008) – Veronica and I are happy (and relieved) to announce the birth of “number3” this morning at 5:50am on the 18th of Nov 2008, our first US Citizen in the family.

After a frustrating time waiting for Veronica to go into labour, the Doctor sent us for an ultrasound to check on the baby’s size last night. The estimate came back at aroung 12lb! This freaked us all out a little and the decision was made that in the interest of safety a C-section would be the best course of action. This news promptly sent Veronica into full labour and by 4am this morning it was time to go.

The operation went well and Mum and daughter are great. Number 3 has continued the upward trend in birth weight coming in at a massive 10lb 1oz (4557g) and a length of 21inches (53cm). I have uploaded a bunch of photos for you to go through (just click on the picture).

It has been great having Anita here to watch the kids, taking Clemency to school and keeping Hadley occupied all morning. We are just about to head off with the kids to the hospital so they can meet their little sister, Clemency is so excited.

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers


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