Penelope on the move @ 8 months

Penelope on the move 8.5 months, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Penelope has been the quickest of our kids to get mobile and now at almost 9 months she is pulling herself up on things.

There are a couple of short videos up on Flickr of her doing her thing. This one is particularly funny […]

Penelope @ 7 Months

UPDATE: Fixed the link above for you.
Still on catch up with another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. A lot of fun this month with Jo and Jem visiting so backgrounds at Disneyland, the pool, the beach and at home. Enjoy.

Penelope @ 6 months

Another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. Although it is now past due Penelope first started sitting at 6 months and was starting to get ideas of crawling. She has been much more comfortable on her tummy than the others so we expect her to get mobile more […]

Easter and Spring Break

As another month passes there are more photos to share and more fun to discuss. We have just finished the Easter/Spring break here in Irvine and with that we have had some fun keeping the kids occupied while also passing another month milestone with Penelope. She has reached the 5 month mark, now with […]

Penelope @ 4 months

Penelope @ 4 months-1, originally uploaded by cvr_nz.

Penelope has passed the 4 month milestone. Hitting 19.4lbs and at the 99 percentile for weight and height, she is doing great.

She is reaching out for her toys now and, as you can see, almost able to sit up unassisted. Not quite talking yet though.Clemency and Hadley are […]