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Clemency gets an injection

Clemency’s Injections Veronica took the kids to get updates on the kids immunizations and it was interesting to here Clemency’s account of what went on. I asked her if she made a fuss when she had the injections, she said she made a little fuss.

We were out for dinner and Clemency was doing some drawings to pass the time while we waited for our food. I asked her to draw a picture of her getting her injection. I have scanned the small drawing in as it is a classic. She described the situation in this clinic in central Hong Kong. “Mummy was holding me and the ‘doctor’ gave me the injections, I screamed very loudly and all the other doctors were watching me through the window. The floor was grey and I have two small red dots on my arm where the injection was made.”

Note: Mum is on the right in the blue, the red in her face is her screaming. She also has her eyes closed. That grey block at the top left of the picture is the steep hill they had to climb up to get to the “hospital”

According to Veronica she made a big fuss and let everyone know about it 🙂

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