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The Weekend and a Visit from the KBC Girls


There are some new photos from this past weekend that I have just uploaded. There are a number of general photos from in and around Hong Kong but on Sunday we had a visit from the KBC girls.

Hadley and Clemency have quite a strong following by some of the female staff that work at my office here in Hong Kong. They love it when Veronica drops in with the kids and like to spoil the kids. So they had organised with Veronica to come around on Sunday for “tea buffet” at our apartment. They ordered Pizza Hut and we had a great time just chatting and playing with the kids. Tina, Carol, Heather and Ailson make up the core crew and Ailson brought her 2 year old neice to play as well.

It is a great oportunity for us to chat with them and find out interesting things about life here in Hong Kong and the kids really enjoy having them around.

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