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Doctors in Samoa


Hello everybody,

We are at the moment in transit between Samoa and the Netherlands, at Singapore Airport.

Had an awesome three weeks in Samoa. People we met were great, hospital was interesting and worthwhile, weather was perfect temperature – hot but not too hot. And when we went to the beaches the scenery was awesome.

Some highlights:

  • Our host Fa'a at the accommodation we stayed in the village of to'omatangi at rubbish bin number three (addresses used in samoa). She went out for dinner with us and drove us around the island – and got us stuck off the road in the mud (lucky for us a van stopped and out came about 14 huge Samoan guys to lift the car onto the road.)
  • Going to Savaii (apart from the ferry trip and Kerryn losing her guts) and staying in a beach fale right by the beach – cards + coconuts with Pip and Brendan from med school.
  • Lolimanu beach and tafua beach fales – fai fai night (traditional dance + sweet as seafood) and the best looking beach I've seen
  • Snorkelling in and around Apia
  • Hospital– Kerryn particularly enjoyed O+G and was sad to say goodbye to the staff there who she got on well with and was able to be a helpful member of the team. Simon doing surgery and seeing lots of random pathology- not just on the operating table but also in the lunch room.
  • Dogs and the samoan people – it was a bit of a culture shock for us initially with packs of dogs everywhere and I mean everywhere (the hospital our house, town, the boardwalk …) but once we found a large stick plus rocks to carry around we felt more confident- no dog bites for us but many people come into the hospital with them. The people are very laid back as well with no one in a real hurry to get anything done but once you get to know them they were great

    Si + Kerryn

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