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Happy Birthday Veronica!


Was Veronica's birthday on Sunday so we headed up to The Peak for the afternoon.

It was a great day for a walk around the top of the mountain, easy enough for the kids,away from the sound of the traffic and plenty of dogs for Clemency to pat. It was cool and not very humid so was pleasant walking through the bush and although it was hazy (smoggy?) down below, the views were great s well. Clemency enjoyed looking for bugs and flowers while climbing anything that she was able.


After the walk we had a look around the newly refurbished observation building at the Peak before going for a really nice dinner up there at the Cafe Deco Bar and Grill. It has a lovely view (Julie and Jono have been there before) and some great food both for us (NZ lamb for both Veronica and I) and the kids.

Veronica received a birthday treat complete with candle for Hadley to help blow out and then the ride back down the mountain on the cable car with the great view of the city lights.

Other than the usual issues of dragging young kids everywhere they don't necessarily want ot go (until they get there) the day was fun refreshing and memorable. Clemency is already asking to go again, but next time she wants to take her binoculars so she can watch the birds.

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