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Big Buddah and the Ngong Ping Skyrail


With Veronica's parents in town She took the opportunity to take them and the kids to try out Hong Kong's latest attraction – a huge cable car ride on Lantau Island that goes from the end of the subway at Tung Chung up to the village of Ngong Ping. At the top of the ride is the famous Big Buddah which is the worlds largest outside, sitting Buddah, or something like that.

Before the Skyrail was built it was a 45 minute drive over the mountains to reach the village where the Buddah is located. Now with the cable way it takes 20 minutes with a great view. there have been a lot of problems and bad publicity about the cable car but from what these visitors have said it is well worth the trip.

They have also updated the facilities at the Ngong Ping village to cater to the tourists so there is a Starbucks on hand to satisfy those with a coffee addiction. As I didn't go myself I can't comment any more but take a look at the photos that Veronica and Norman took.

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