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Disneyland Again


It seems that each time we have a visit from the family we need to shoot off to Disneyland to have the experience there. This is our third trip to the Hong Kong version since we have been here in Hong Kong and it was the turn of the Oamaru Grandparents to “observe” the children interacting with the magical kingdom.

As it has been a year since we first went with Joanna and Jeremy the kids appreciation and interaction levels have increased and they both seemed to enjoy it a lot more. Hadley was into all the rides, especially Buzz Lightyear and the new Autodrome ride that has only just openned this Summer. I couldn't get Clemency back on Space mountain but did take Stephanie for a quick spin which she loved 😉

I think one of the differences with HK Disneyland is the larger number of stage shows which are all very good. We enjoyed seeing them all again this time. It was a weekend day when we went so we were concerned that it might be busy but with a possible forecast of rain I think a lot more people stayed away and it was not busy at all. It didn't rain but it was very humid that day so it was nice to have the indoor shows.

As it was a weekend the park was open an extra two hours in the evening so it was a good chnace to see the attractions in the dark which I think is one of the best times to visit. the lighting is amazing and a lot of people have gone home early so it was easy to get on the rides without waiting. Of course the fireworks display is always a highlight and worth waiting for, especially this time as it was close to Halloween and they had all the costume decorations up and special features.

It is just a pity they didn't have the season pass available back when we first went as I think we would have definitely got our money's worth by now.

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