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Hong Kong Scenes


Took some time with the camera to wander around and photograph some of the common sites around Hong Kong. I have started a Google Map showing some of the locations that the photos have been taken from.

The sea view is from the window of the Bauhinia where I am staying, mostly it is a view of the Wing On department store and if you look carefully you can see the reflection of the building.

The next bunch of photos are take from up on the Peak using my new 70-300 zoom lense. I took the Cable car up and walked along the paved track/footpath that goes around the top of the peak, On a clear day with good visibility you can see a long way and the view is well worth it.

The following weekend I was a wandering up through the various markets in Central, through midlevels and Hollywood road, past the old Central police station and prison which is now closed. After this I headed across the midlevels, past the Hong Kong Gardens and along Kennedy Rd before cutting down through to Wan Chai where I took some photos by the MTR station and sports field.

The next day I went up to Sham Shui Po and wandered around the markets there, lots of different types of things on offer including electronics (Golder Computer Centre), the bead and button shops, lots of clothes, toys and hardware shops. It seems that there is a different type of products on each steet and a good place to go if you want almost anything. But the textiles shops are closed on Sunday and this is where some of the photos of the closed stalls were taken. The signs are amazing but when you look up you see the apartments and the washing hanging out the windows, it is an older part of hong Kong so has a lot more character.

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