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Veronica’s Baby Shower

Veronica is in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and her friends here in Irvine all got together for the traditional American Baby Shower.  Here is some details from an Email Veronica sent talking about it:

I had a fabulous baby shower, with all the gifts bought, really. You would have loved it because the food was gorgeous with everyone seated at two tables and the attention to detail was so lovely – with a tasteful subtle NZ theme. I was asked if I wanted games but neither the host nor I really enjoy tacky games so we just made the most of catching up which was really nice. They had an amazingly huge cake that tasted divine. It all went so smoothly and a poem was read along with prayers and a bible verse before the meal. Everyone got beautiful simple tasteful party favours. I have photos so I think Craig has put those up. Lisa hosted it but Susan (old neighbour) and Denise (lives in Shady Canyon) all organised it.
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