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Kids and their Star Wars Lego


So the current favourite toy of all the kids in the neighborhood is Lego.  I remember when I was Clemency and Hadley’s ages, some 30 years ago, and it was my favourite back then, particularly the new Space Lego.

The older kids next door all have the latest Star Wars and Indianna Jones sets and play with it outside on the sidewalk.  Hadley tries to get in there with the big kids and is desperate for some big kids Lego.  We have buckets of the larger Duplo at home but it is time for the small Lego.

So top of Hadley’s Birthday and Christmas lists is Star Wars Lego. Reminds me also of seeing the original Star Wars movie with Dad and Julie in North Carolina when I was about Clemency’s age – hard to believe how time goes by and Toys come and go and come back again.

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