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Christmas in Irvine


Merry Christmas everyone! It has been the ususal busy time and now that the day has past we can get out an update or two.

We had a great buildup to Christmas with lots of generous invitations to parties, some for the kids and some for the adults. We fitted in the Christmas tree this year as we weren’t home last year – real tree of course.

Clemency enjoyed the tree trimming at Madeline Dahlin’s place, Susan had gone all out to put on a marvelous party.

Considering we didn’t have any family around this year for Christmas day we had a great time full of activities.


The kids had their stockings from Santa to open in the morning but I had to wake Hadley up at 7.30am. Lots more Lego and a Red Wagon for Penelope to share with the older two being some highlights.

At 9am we headed over to Village of Hope in Tustin. Our friend AJ had organised to serve brunch at the local homeless shelter on Christmas day which we went along to help with. It was great fun for us and the kids who spent the time playing with their school friends and eating Sundaes. Penelope was perfect and slept through all the work, while entertaining some of the older visitors.

After getting back after lunch we openned the remaining gifts from family – thanks so much!

Lisa and Rex Delong kindly invited us over for Christmas dinner with their family in the evening. Thanks to Mum for making her Christmas Pudding and cake (when she was here in Irvine in Nov) we were able to contribute the dessert. Veronica also whipped up a traditional NZ Pavalova with Kiwi fruit and cream on top – all of which was great and appreciated by all.

We had a great evening and the kids put on a puppet show for us all to finish the day.

Julie and Jono are now here with us for a few days as we move towards New Years so the kids are enjoying some family here – it seems to work out that way every year, which we are also thankful for.

Againa Happy Christmas Everyone

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