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Time for an update

The kids

As it is now a month since Penelope was born, there has been a lot going on here in Irvine.

With the great help of Anita the first couple of weeks went by quickly, Clemency and Hadley well catered for by an attentive Grandmother. Dad was on car duty but managed to fit some work in while Anita was here to help.


Thanksgiving was great and with Grandma here we had the full spread at a time of great thanks. Thanksgiving is really a nice family focused tradition and certainly very much a well celebrated holiday here in the US.

Anita left just after Thanksgiving and then it was back to the normal routine with the addition of Penelope plus the build up to Christmas. Craig had an extra week of parental leave so managed to stay away from the office for 4 days.


Penelope has been doing great, the other kids are still adjusting to the routines and especially Hadley has gone into attention seeking mode so that has been a challenge to fit in. Things have been busy with plans for Hadley’s birthday, finishing off school and Christmas plans.

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