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February Update

February has grinded past us with a couple of interesting events, but now that we are into March already I though we could do a quick summary.


Craig’s Birthday – A quiet family affair at Ruby’s on a Tuesday where the kids eat free and the Birthday boy gets a free Sunday and song. A very economically viable birthday celebration with a cake at home to top the day off – Pity that I had spent most of the day in bed with a head cold that I picked up on the trip to the Grand Canyon.


Penelope hits 3 months – as with all the little ones, the time rushes by, Penelope is no exception. She is such a good baby and very easy, if not, predictable with her behaviour – she always gets a bit scratchy around 5pm wantíng a feed and bed time around 6-6.30pm, she sleeps till around 11-11.30pm then depending on how she is will sleep through till 4-7am. She is getting vocal, has the lungs of her Brother, wakes up cherry and asks for some attention. She is getting to be adverse to the car seat if it is for too long but by all standards fits in well with the other kids activities.


Pink Zebras Soccer – Clemency has continued with the soccer for the winter short season, playing with the same group that she had in Autumn. They had their final game this past weekend. It has been a good season with improvements all round but the inclement weather we have in the OC meant two games got rained out (Jan – Feb is rainy season for California). There is even a bit of YouTube video with me yelling from the sideline. Thanks to Coach Hong for all his hard work, now he will be free to go Mountain Biking with me 😉

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