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May Highlights

Just to catch up on some of the things that have been posted to Flickr and in the Gallerys I thought a summary was required.


First of there was the Patriotic Celebration at Clemency’s Elementary school. Because the school is finished for the year by the time July 4th comes around they celebrate it at the beginning of May. Lots of Red White and Blue, national songs and performances. Clemency played a part in defining the Pledge of Allegance, but it is so funny to see her reciting it and wearing the Stars and Strips when she really has no reason too, almost broke out in God Defend New Zealand at the end. She loves the singing and so got really into it.

The next cool thing was on a Saturday morning, going to a Children’s story book signing at Whale of a Tale, for a book that Jullianne Moore had written. She has 2 books featuring Freckleface Strawberry and is based on her childhood experiences with fitting in at school and hating Dodge Ball. She read the story to the kids, answered questions from them and then personally signed the books. She was really nice, talking to Clemency and Hadley about New Zealand, answering their questions. It reminds you that these famous people are just normal people with families underneath all the media hype, so it was a great experience. This was also the place where

I continue to get out when I can on the mountain bike. There are plenty of great tracks around this area with the possibility of getting off road and on the trails from our backdoor, a twenty minute round trip to the top of Turtle Rock. The most recent ride was up at Aliso and Woods Canyon park, a couple of photos and the GPS track from my Garmin 205 is here:

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