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3 Months of Ketchup (catchup)

I know everyone wants to see photos of the US Road trip, but I have to clear the back log and hold you all in suspense. So here is a summary of the last three months in Irvine with a whole bunch of photos.

44450 AUGUST:  Back in August it was fill in time after the excitement of the Wyn-Harris’ visit, our week over at Catalina and the swimming season. We had a great beach party for the the office in Irvine down in Newport, lots of fun activities and games including a watermelon eating competition that Clemency went in for. August also saw the kids having their first proper visit with the Dentist (Dr Stan Chen – fisherman, dad and dentist) which went well for the kids.
44497 SEPTEMBER was the restart of the school year with Clemency heading into second grade to cram as much in before we took off back to NZ to another summer holiday in December. Clemency got a taste of Gymnastics over the last month of the holidays and we were able to meet a real live US Olympic Gold medalist (Carly Patterson) at the gym. Of course it was birthday season and Veronica had hers which Tom Van Buskirk and I celebrated by going to an Angel’s baseball game at the home Stadium in Anaheim which was great for us but not so great for the birthday girl – we later had a celebration with our British friends in the form of a barbecue and a huge cake from Costco.
20091003-DSC_2885.jpg OCTOBER: Well everything happened in October so lets just go over the general stuff in this post. Visited the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, great background on the culture in the OC as well as some great art. They also have a great interactive children’s exhibit.Then there was a final ride on the ferris wheel at the Spectrum around sunset which was nice. I tried to sell the Sienna, took cool photos and put them on Craigslist but ended up dumping at Carmax.
44654 CHEER LEADING: During the summer break Clemency and Jolie attended a Cheer leading camp at the local high school as part of a fund raising activity for the team. As a result the young kids were able to attend and cheer at one of the Trojan football games. The Trojans lost badly but the girls had a great time and we got a taste of the high school football scene.
44219 LAST TRIP TO DISNEYLAND: We saved our last big outing for a final trip to Disneyland. This time the Lamberts came along for the fun. It was a great day and the kids really enjoyed having their friends along with them. It was a long day but we really enjoyed catching the Aladdin show in California Adventrue as well as the little kids rides in Bugs life after the traditional rides over in the main park. It was a good way to finish off our fun time in the OC.
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