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Goodbye Irvine – Thanks Everyone


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Well it has been a great couple of years in the OC for the family but unfortunately it was time for us to head home, KBC moved out of the business in Irvine and it was either move back to London/New York or pack it up and head home.

So we are back in New Zealand now and just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone that got us out the door. It was a major effort to get packed up and I just wanted to thank a few people for that:


  • Denise for supplying food, watching the kids and taking all our leftovers, even in the midst of shifting house herself.
  • April for letting us do our 2 weeks worth of washing after our RV trip and to overlook us parking the RV at the vacant apartment.
  • Lisa and Rex for letting us crash for a Sunday afternoon of Football and visitor invasion while we waited for our flight back to NZ.
  • Susan and Barry for coordinating a great going away party and manning the barbecue.
  • Chessy for picking me up from Carmax after selling the car and being left stranded in Irvine without transport.
  • Tom VB for picking me up from El Monte RV after I had to drop our temporary house off.
  • Liz and Andy for watching Penelope and letting me have a shower (better than the RV’s) as we packed up to leave.
  • Jamie for having the kids for a last minute sleepover that enabled Veronica and I to clean out the RV and pack the suitcases.
  • The Reinkensmeyers for letting us share their neighborhood for Halloween.

It was just so amazing to have that support, so keep in touch and come and visit.

Cheers Craig, Veronica, Clemency, Hadley and Penelope

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