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Happy 6th Birthday Hadley

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

We went all out for Hadley’s birthday this year. School finished the day before so we invited his class to our house for a Peter Pan themed party. Hadley was dressed up as Peter Pan, of course, and there was a great variety of Wendys, Captain Hooks, Tinker Bells and even the old Crocodile.

Except for the bad weather (it poured with rain just for that day and was 35C the next day – Murphy’s law) the party went really well. Veronica was well organised and I transformed the garage into a second play room for activities.

We had the usual games of pass the parcel , pin the hook on Captain Hook, and of course the favorite Chocolate eating game. In between these and eating Veronica had organised a make and do activity, creating Indian headbands from feathers and cardboard and then a couple of food based activities creating decorated face biscuits and fairy wands.

Joanna did an awesome job on the cake for us, thanks..

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