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Last Day of School for 2010

Last Day of School for 2010, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

It is now the end of the school here in New Zealand and the start of the Christmas, New Year and Summer break all rolled into one. The weather has been great this December with already a few trips to the school pool under our belts.

Clemency and Hadley have both had a good year at school, doing well in all areas.

Hadley has finished his first year and has progressed very well with his reading, writing and comprehension, which is a big focus in the first year especially.

Clemency has continued to do well with her reading and writing but has improved most in her maths this year. She continues to do some really nice work on the creative side with artwork. She has had the most fun with her extra activity French and she seems to have a knack for language.

We have managed to keep up the other activities (ballet, swimming, soccer, cricket and music) but it is a lot of running around now that it sometimes involves several lessons after school per week. Clemency has continued the great head start in swimming that she had with the Swim team in Irvine. And Hadley continues to enjoy the dancing at ballet, the advantage of being a boy always obvious, as he is able to pick up all the good parts.

What about Penelope – she has a character built on having two older siblings, she is chatting away now and her vocab is improving daily. She is the one that gets into everything so requires constant observation. She has been spending time with her Aunty Jo and cousins Anna and Madeline over the past months as Dad is back working full time (after slacking off for 6 months) and mum has continued to get back into the teaching part time. Penny is a free and easy spirit with few concerns other than avoiding big brother’s unwanted attention and getting away with stealing the “lollies” from the kitchen pantry..

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