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vanrij.co.nz web site has been down

As with everything around Christchurch recently, the web site has been down for a couple of weeks. This is a result of some sort of failure in the hardware of the server that it was running on and as it was still sitting out in Irvine I have had to get someone else to look at it.

Fortunately for most of the site I have backups back here and only missing a bit of database data from the gallery section, which to be honest, hasn’t had a lot of use recently as I have been putting most of the photos and stuff up on Flickr.

So I will try and get that back to its previous state but the WordPress side of things is now running nicely off my server at home here in NZ, good for the Kiwi viewers but maybe a little slower for the global views, although the hardware the server is on will be a bit more reliable now.

Any way there is a techie update for you.

I have also temporarily disabled the Gallery 2 part of the web site as this is causing some integration errors with WordPress. You can still get the archive at http://vanrij.co.nz/gallery2 .

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