Anna’s Birthday Cake

Anna’s Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

It has been Anna’s third birthday here while they have been visiting us in Irvine. Here is her Birthday cake celebration in all its joy with her big cousins.

Penelope @ 6 months

Another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. Although it is now past due Penelope first started sitting at 6 months and was starting to get ideas of crawling. She has been much more comfortable on her tummy than the others so we expect her to get mobile more […]

Hadley’s first Bike Ride

Hadley’s first Bike Ride, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Hadley has had his bike for a while now but my previous attempts to remove the training wheels and get him riding properly have been met with much resistance. He can ride it well with the training wheels on, uses the brakes effectively and can pedal […]

Clemency – Young Art Master

Clemency – art exibit, originally uploaded by cvr_nz.

Clemency has been doing a series of art based projects over the course of the year called Art Masters. At the endof the course one child from each Elementary school class in Irvine had their work selected by the Art teacher for inclusion in the annual […]

Jule, Jono and then the New Year


Happy New Year everybody!

We had a busy Christmas time and then a nice quiet New Years here in Irvine. Julie and Jono stopped through for three nights on their way to the UK for their course which was great. We had a really good time and some of the most perfect Winter weather […]