Clemency Plays at Graduation

Clemency-Violin-Adagio, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

Clemency graduated from Primary school this past week and was asked to play a violin solo during the ceremony.

She has done very well this year and capped it off by being awarded the Music Excellence top award for her school.

Nomads Bears

Nomads Bears, a set on Flickr.

Second last game of the season with the Nomads Bear

Merry Christmas Shake

Just want to let anybody that is wondering – we are all OK after the latest round.

After having little earthquake activity over the past couple of months here in Christchurch we had all starting to relax, looking forward to a relaxing Christmas break and have been focusing on starting earthquake repairs to our houses.  But BANG, at […]

Train Trip Along the Dunedin Harbour

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As a) Daniel is mad on trains,  b) it was his birthday,  c) there was a train running up the coast to Waitati and  d) there was a whole bunch of cousins to go with him, we went for a great ride up the […]

Earthquake Again!

22-2-11 Earthquake Damage, originally uploaded by Craig vR.

As the news has been reporting, Christchurch has suffered a second big earthquake that was much closer to the center, much shallower, and at a very busy time of day.

There has been much more damage to the city with a large number of fatalities and injuries. Fortunately our […]