Goodbye Irvine - Thanks Everyone



3 Months of Ketchup (catchup)

I know everyone wants to see photos of the US Road trip, but I have to clear the back log and hold you all in suspense. So here is a summary of the last three months in Irvine with a whole bunch of photos.

AUGUST: ¬†Back in August it was fill in time after the excitement […]

Penelope @ 8 – 10 Months

Big catch up as we are already back in NZ and it will be Penelope’s first birthday soon but here is another addition to the timeline of Penelope’s first year. The finish of summer, starting to crawl and stand, back to school and then finally packing up in Irvine for our […]

Leaving California for New Zealand

For those of you not caught up on the news for us van Rijs here in Irvine, I thought it would be good to put out a post on what is happening with us over the coming months.

We are leaving California at the beginning of November and heading back to Christchurch, New Zealand. We […]

Catalina Summer holiday

Still on catchup with all the activities of the Summer but one of our highlights was 4 days over at Catalina Island in July.¬† We were invited by our friends to attend a family camp with them at the Campus by the Sea camp for a week of fun and fellowship. […]